Welcome to the Rhodes Community


Photo: Barret Library

By Bud Richey, Associate Vice President for College Relations

Many colleges have alumni chapters, but we do things differently at Rhodes. While we do have chapters in 15 cities around the country, they include both parents and alumni. Many parents are very active in chapter work and hold leadership positions.

The parents of our students are valuable members of the Rhodes community, and they tell us that the relationships they form with other parents and alumni enrich their lives. There are many ways for you to connect with other parents. Read on for a list of online resources >>

As our parents become more involved with the college, and as they observe the wonderful experience their students have at Rhodes, they frequently want to help. Here are some opportunities to do so:

  • This is peak student recruitment season. You probably remember that personal recommendations are more impactful than all the glossy brochures in the world. If your student is having a great experience here, please encourage your friends and family members to learn more about Rhodes. This is particularly important in the current economy as families consider carefully the value received for all expenditures. You may even submit a student′s name and information using our online referral form.
  • Just as prospective students have questions about the college they are considering, so do their parents. No one can answer those questions more effectively and believably than someone “in the same boat.” We are starting a directory of parents who are willing to answer questions and would love to include you. If you want to serve as a resource to parents considering Rhodes, please fill out our online contact form.

We appreciate the trust you place in us by having your student attend Rhodes.  Just as your child is precious to you, each of our students is also precious to us.  As you want nothing but the best for your student, we hold the same aspiration.  Thank you for all that you do in being actively engaged in the learning of your son or daughter and in helping us realize the Rhodes Vision.