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British Studies At Oxford Dean Publishes Six-Volume Cultural History of Gardens

Publication Date: 6/24/2013

Dr. Michael Leslie’s Cultural History of Gardens (Bloomsbury Academic) is scheduled to be released in July. This set of six volumes covers over 2,500 years of gardens as physical, social and artistic spaces, combining the most authoritative and comprehensive survey available on gardens through history. In addition to contributing three separate essays on verbal representations of gardens, Leslie served as editor of the “Medieval” volume and general coeditor (with John Dixon Hunt) of the entire series.

Leslie teaches courses in the Department of English and also is Dean of Rhodes’ British Studies At Oxford. The founding editor of The Journal of Garden History, he chaired the Committee of Senior Fellows in Landscape at Dumbarton Oaks and has published on early modern culture and the intersections between literature, art history, history of science and agriculture, and garden history.

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