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Emmanuel John-Teye ′13


Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Emmanuel is a sophomore majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. When he first began looking at colleges, he knew he wanted to be in an environment with a good student-teacher ratio and a strong pre-med program. Rhodes is the perfect fit.

These days Emmanuel spends quite a bit of time immersed in science. From his biology and organic chemistry classes and labs to his internship at St. Jude Children′s Research Hospital studying infectious diseases, he is acquiring valuable, hands-on experience in his chosen field every day.

Even with his hectic academic schedule, Emmanuel still finds time for many extracurricular activities. He′s an active member of the International Students′ Organization, Rhodes Student Government, and the Black Student Association. He also plays intramural soccer, teaches swing and salsa dancing, and kick-boxing lessons. And to top it off, he′s an accomplished musician – playing the piano in several different jazz bands.

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Noah Beggs December 11, 2011

Cool, I am tryin′ to get in partially for a St. Jude internship too! Keeping my fingers crossed I′ll be accepted. Nice piano jazz playing by the way, that was epic haha.