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Harrison Daniel ′13

Major: Biology
Hometown: Nashville
Fun Fact: Harrison was player of the week his senior year of high school on the Tennessee Titans weekly coach’s program, “The Jeff Fisher Show.”

What originally sparked your interest in orthopedic surgery?
It all started with my high school football injuries. Sophomore year I fractured a bone in my foot. I didn’t realize it was broken so I played the whole season and the bone had to be removed. Senior year, I tore my ACL. Then freshman year of college I tore my labrum in my shoulder playing football for Rhodes. For each injury I returned to my orthopedic surgeon in Nashville because he was the medical doctor for my high school. He is also the father of two guys with whom I played football.

I really got to know him and he suggested that I consider studying orthopedic surgery. At first I thought he was just kidding about it because, at that point, I was just a senior in high school. But he was sincere and invited me to come during the summer and shadow him for a few weeks.

What did you get out of your internship experience?
It was amazing and inspirational. He explained why he really enjoys this particular field—he loves sports and really helping people. He is also one of the Titans’ doctors. So while I was shadowing I got to meet players such as the Titans’ first-round draft pick, Derek Morgan.

At the end of the summer, he told me he would love to see me work in his practice along with his sons. The experience solidified my choice of major and now I’ve signed up to volunteer at the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

How do you plan on using Memphis as a resource? I was just accepted into St. Jude’s Summer Plus Program. It’s a two-year research commitment. I’ll be researching how to take advantage of the pluripotent nature of embryonic stem cells to generate cells that can be used to treat diseases.

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