Study Abroad


Rhodes College’s commitment to overseas study is most powerfully expressed in the programs that it has created and developed. Occasionally there will be a special opportunity to study abroad with a professor during the summer. Credit earned in all these programs is Rhodes credit. Rhodes does not provide financial aid for summer study; however, a limited amount of scholarship assistance is available for students participating on Rhodes programs. Visit the Buckman Center for International Education for more information.

Intensive Language Study

Accompanied by a Rhodes faculty member, students travel to a location in another country for four weeks (during May and June) of total immersion in the language and culture of that country. Learn more about current programs by following the links below:

  • German Summer Study
  • Russian Summer Study
  • Spanish Summer Study

Bi-Lateral Exchanges

Rhodes has bi-lateral exchange agreements with institutions in Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, and Turkey.  On exchange, a student pays Rhodes tuition and fees, just as in any given semester or academic year spent at Rhodes, using any institutional and federal aid for which the student may be eligible.  In most cases, room and board are paid to the host institution.  Credit is treated as transfer credit.  Click here to find more details about these institutions!

ISEP Exchange

Rhodes is a member of the International Student Exchange Program.  On an ISEP Exchange, a student pays Rhodes room, board, and tuition, just as in any given semester or academic year spent at Rhodes.  Deadlines are quite early, so plan ahead!  Credit is treated as transfer credit.  

Other Programs Abroad

In addition to exchange programs and Rhodes programs, there are numerous programs offered by other colleges and universities and international agencies. Information on these programs can be found in the Buckman Center for International Education. Credit earned in these other programs is treated as transfer credit. Normally a student cannot earn more credit while on a full-year study abroad program than could have been earned in a regular academic year at Rhodes. Rhodes College financial aid is not available for these other programs; however, certain types of federal financial aid may be applied to these programs. Learn more about Non-Rhodes Programs at the Buckman Center for International Education.

Applying For Off-Campus Study

All students interested in off-campus study must first meet with a member of the Buckman Center Staff, who will assist the student in researching study abroad and other off-campus study programs, assure that plans of study complement major and degree requirements, and facilitate completion of the program’s application process. Each student who intends to pursue off-campus study must complete the Rhodes College Off-Campus Study Application, available from the "Downloadable Forms" page on the Buckman Center web site.

The application is expected to arrive by the published due dates. Any applications submitted after the specified deadline may not be considered. Only complete applications will be considered.  Due dates are as follows (or on the next business day if the deadline falls on a weekend):

  • Rhodes Summer/ “Maymester” Programs: Scholarship Applications- December 1, Non Scholarship Applications- February 15.  Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and some programs will fill prior to the February 15 deadline. You are therefore encouraged to submit your complete application well ahead of this deadline.
  • Non-Rhodes Programs for the Fall, Summer and Academic Year: Exchange Program Applications- January 15, Scholarship Applications- February 1, Non Scholarship Applications- February 15.
  • Non-Rhodes Programs for the Spring: Exchange Program Applications- August 15, Scholarship Applications- October 1, Non Scholarship Applications- October 15.