Information for Students


Student Groups

  • All Students Interested in Asia (A.S.I.A.)
  • Hispanic Organization of Language Activities (H.O.L.A.)
  • Tex-Mex Border Ministry
  • Club C.A.F.E. 

MLL Honor Societies

French National Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi
German Honor Society, Delta Phi Omega
Russian Honor Society, Dobro Slovo
Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi

Language Tables

Language tables take place weekly in the Rat over lunch. They provide opportunities to practice the target language in an informal setting with faculty, staff, and students at all linguistic levels. The times and meeting days of specific language tables are available on each language section′s web page.


Modern Languages 460. Internship. (1-3 credit hours)
Internships in foreign languages, which are normally arranged by the Director of Career Services, are occasionally available and permit a qualified student to receive academic credit for an off-campus experience by working with either a business or non-profit organization. The internship, which requires of the student an advanced competence in a foreign language, must entail a significant encounter with a foreign language, written and/or spoken, and maintenance of an appropriate journal as well as a final written evaluation of the internship. Placements must be approved by a faculty member who teaches the language in question and the chair of the department.


Awards in Modern Languages

The Jared E. Wenger Award is presented annually to the most accomplished senior in the study of French, German, Russian or Spanish. Candidates for the award have acquired a superior, idiomatic grasp of at least one modern language and have developed distinguished critical-thinking skills in the analysis of its literatures and cultures.
The Thakkar-Freeman Award in Chinese Studies is given annually to a distinguished minor in Chinese.

Advanced Placement Credit Policy

Students who earned a 4 or 5 on a language AP exam in Chinese, French, German, or Spanish will receive 4 credits of that language′s 201 course only if they scored at the 202 level or higher on the placement test and after approval by the appropriate language faculty. A student who earned a 4 or 5 on a language AP but who does not achieve proficiency based on the placement test and faculty approval does not receive any credit for the AP exam and must take the 201 course in order to earn that credit and proficiency.