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Introducing the Qur’an for Today’s Reader
By John Kaltner, Rhodes’ Virginia Ballou McGehee Professor of Muslim-Christian Relations. Minneapolis: Fortress Press. 256 pp. $25

Professor John Kaltner’s new work offers a general introduction and orientation to the Qur’an. It surveys the origin, structure, contents, study and use of Islam′s sacred text. Offering selective rather than comprehensive coverage, the work allows for discussion and analysis of specific themes and issues of interest to modern readers.

Following an introduction that describes and situates how the Qur’an is both studied and experienced, Professor Kaltner’s book takes up these themes by chapter to foster a contemporary understanding and appreciation of the Qur’an: the natural environment, Muslim life, gender and sexuality, non-Muslims and the Other, jihad, war and peace and life after death. Significant passages from the Qur’an are identified and analyzed, with a special focus on how modern scholars, both Muslim and non-Muslim, understand them. The author intersperses his book with numerous photographs and textboxes to emphasize and highlight important elements of the Qur’an, its history and its relevance to contemporary life.


Borrowed Time
By Edie Claire ’87 (Edie Vincent Swihart) eBook: $3.99

Thanks to digital technology, Edie Claire’s entire Leigh Koslow mystery series and both her Warner romantic suspenses are now available as e-books. Borrowed Time, a blend of romance and psychological suspense characteristic of her previous works, is the first in that pipeline; she is also preparing to release both a mainstream novel, The Mud Sisters, and a ghostly young adult romance, Wraith.




The Secret Lives of Hoarders: True Stories of Tackling Extreme Clutter
By Matt Paxton with Phaedra Hise ’86. New York: Perigree Trade. 256 pp. $14.95 paper, $9.99 eBook

The Secret Lives of Hoarders is a behind-the-scenes look at a hidden epidemic—what hoarding means, how to recognize it before it gets out of hand, and how to deal with it.

Through his work with hundreds of clients in the worst circumstances, Matt Paxton, a popular expert on the A&E show “Hoarders,” has learned to understand this disorder and his clients’ impulses to collect. He also knows how to speak the hoarders’ language and reach out to them with compassion and concern while avoiding criticism and judgment. Most important, he guides compulsive hoarders successfully through every step of the cleanup and healing process.

The Secret Lives of Hoarders is an engrossing and sometimes unsettling look at extreme clutter but one that helps hoarders and their families and friends to find meaning in the chaos.