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I Am One, I Am Rhodes

Homecoming/Reunion Weekend 2010

If you went to Homecoming/ Reunion Weekend in October, you couldn’t miss the signs proclaiming, “I Am One, I Am Rhodes.” Nor could you ignore the alums lining up to have their pictures taken while peering out of handheld “I Am One” cutouts. It certainly made a statement, but what exactly does it mean?

The idea is that, as Rhodes people, we are all one. We are united in the knowledge that our college is like no other; that the Rhodes experience is defined by lifelong relationships with faculty, classmates, staff, parents and alumni, all of whom share a passion for learning and a desire to improve the world.

It takes all of us to ensure that the Rhodes experience remains the very best. And because we are all one, we have the power to:

  • Recruit students who will benefit from and contribute to the Rhodes community
  • Provide opportunities to students outside the class room, such as paid internships, research opportunities, fellowships, service projects and international travel
  • Assist students and young alumni with professional and career development
  • Support the college financially to ensure that Rhodes continues to recruit and retain the best students and faculty

How do we do that, exactly? By helping the college reach three important goals in 2011—

  1. Recruit 500 outstanding students for the Class of 2015
  2. Increase the Annual Fund participation by 500 new donors
  3. Increase volunteers for admission, development, career services and alumni programs by 20%

Consider what you’d like to do and where your expertise applies, then contact Kerry Connors, connors@rhodes.edu.

I Am One, I Am Rhodes.

We all are.