Every student attending Rhodes College must submit the required medical information forms and provide proof of health insurance before being permitted to enroll in classes. Students planning to participate in varsity athletics (baseball, basketball, cross country, field hockey, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, track, volleyball) require additional forms. Each form has a required time they must be submitted in relation to the student ‐ athlete arriving at Rhodes. This document exists to help clarify which required medical forms are needed by each group and when those forms must be completed by the student.

Rhodes College uses a Health Information System that shares relevant information between the Student Health Center and the Athletic Training Office to ensure quality medical care. Health Forms may be emailed to and athletic forms may be emailed to Both must be emailed as PDFs. Submitting forms by fax is not allowed.

To submit a paper form, please mail it to the correct office. Multiple forms can be mailed together in the same envelope, as long as they sent to the correct office:

Please mail ALL STUDENTS paper forms to:

Rhodes College Student Health Center
ATTN: Student Health Center Director
Moore Moore Infirmary
2000 N. Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 843‐3895 - phone

Please mail ATHLETICS ONLY paper forms to:

Rhodes College Athletic Training Office
ATTN: Andrew Gibson
Head Athletic Trainer
2000 N. Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 843‐3465 - phone


Every incoming student must submit the following forms by June 15th:

  1. Medical History Form [paper – download and print form; complete, sign, and mail it back to us]
  2. Health Insurance Information Form [paper ‐ photocopy the front and back of the student’s insurance card, tape those copies to the printed form, and mail the form to us]
  3. Physical Examination Report [paper – download and print the form, have a physician complete and sign it, and mail it to us]
  4. Immunization Record [paper – download and print the form, complete and sign the student and physician portions, and mail it to us]
    If you have any questions or concerns about the state of TN immunization requirements please click here.



Every varsity athlete must submit the following forms by June 15th:

  1. Parent’s Insurance Form [submit electronically here]
  2. Sickle Cell Trait Confirmation
    1. Documentation via birth state (click here for information about how to contact state authorities ) or sickle cell solubility blood test results, OR
    2. Waiver signed at the NCAA Sickle Cell Trait Waiver Education meeting. It is strongly encouraged by Rhodes College that student athletes provide sickle cell solubility results. Contact the Athletic Trainer if you have questions. [paper – make a copy of the documentation or solubility results and mail it to us]
  3. EKG [paper – have your physician provide a 12 lead EKG tracing printout to you and mail it to us]
  4. Impact Baseline Concussion Testing
        a.    For testing
        b.    Customer Code = 029D342CC7

Under certain conditions ONLY, student athletes MAY need to turn in additional forms:

  1. NCAA ADHD Form [paper – download and print the form, complete it, and mail it to us]
    Only complete if you are being treated for ADHD with stimulant medication. Please read the NCAA Guidelines for ADHD Documentation and have your physician complete the NCAA ADHD Reporting Cover Form.
  2. Asthma Documentation [paper – download and print form, have a physician complete it, and mail it] Only complete if the student athlete uses an Albuterol inhaler.
  3. If the student is taking stimulants, beta blockers, beta‐2 agonists, diuretics, anti‐estrogens, anabolic agents (steroids), and/or peptide hormones, we must file a medical exception with the NCAA. Please contact Andrew Gibson, the Head Athletic Trainer, at (901) 843‐3465 to start that process.