RSAP Projects and Accomplishments


The Rhodes Student Associate Program is committed to maintaining a level of excellence in its members that allows for the faculty, staff and student community of the college to benefit from the immense talent that is often left untapped on campus. For this reason, our participants are constantly working on new and exciting projects in their departments.

Ranging from the analysis of factors effecting the retention of freshmen on campus to the creation and promotion of activities for the student community, the diversity of the program continues to increase. Student Associates are involved in both academic and administrative departments and their work reflects this.

Regardless of their position, the RSAs have the opportunity to learn valuable communication skills and workplace dynamics that cannot be taught in any way besides experience. It is for this reason that RSAP has garnered so much attention from both within the college and without. The pioneering success of our organization has inspired other similar schools to implement programs based on our example of meaningful on campus employment.

Here are a few of the many outstanding projects the RSAs have been an integral part of in recent years.

  • Helping to organize and implement Rhodes College′s first ever college sponsored Archaeology Field School.
  • The day-to-day operation of such essential projects as the Computer Depot and the Environmental Recycling program.
  • Organization of workshops and other opportunities for student body participation with diverse topics such as practice graduate school entrance exams and disability awareness.
  • Community involvement efforts such as archival preservation of the historic Memphis World newspaper and outreach to area schools.