Emily Wilcox: The Postcolonial Blind Spot

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Emily Wilcox will speak on Chinese dance and Socialist culture in the era of Third World-ism. She is assistant professor of modern Chinese studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Michigan.

Cold War historiography has left us with a "postcolonial blind spot" when it comes to understanding Maoist culture in China: we have been taught to view Chinese culture only through the lens of a narrowly understood "communist" culture. In fact, China was deeply involved in anti-colonial Third World movements. This lecture traces international exchange connecting Chinese artists to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. 1949 to 1965 marked a moment of global exchange across the socialist and postcolonial worlds, creating an alternative spere of the moder that is too often occluded by Cold War memory.

Free and open to the public.