CANCELLED: Prof. Sharon Kinoshita: Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages

Event date

*Prof. Kinoshita has had to cancel her visit to Rhodes due to severe flooding and mudslides in Santa Cruz, CA.*

Sharon Kinoshita, Professor and Chair of Literature at UC-Santa Cruz, will speak on "Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages."

Prof. Kinoshita's current work is primarily focused in Medieval Mediterranean Studies. With Brian Catlos (Religious Studies, Colorado-Boulder and History, UCSC), she co-directs the UCSC Center for Mediterranean Studies as well as the University of California Multicampus Research Project Initiative in Mediterranean Studies ( Her work in this area includes two book manuscripts in progress. Paying Tribute: Old French Literature and the Medieval Culture of Empire studies vernacular French representations of and interactions with an imperial culture, distinct from that of post-Carolingian Europe, shared by Latin Christian, Byzantine, and Muslim courts. Medieval Mediterranean Literature explores new approaches to canonical and non-canonical medieval texts in the historical context of the high and late medieval Mediterranean, c. 1100-1400. In the field of Old French Literature, Prof. Kinoshita has recently co-authored books on Chretien de Troyes and Marie de France. She is currently working on a translation of and monograph on Marco Polo.