To give to Phi Beta Kappa, please indicate "Phi Beta Kappa" on the Rhodes Online Giving page, or contact Nicki Soulé at the Development Office: (901) 843-3740 or email <>. 

Our gratitude to our most recent donors who helped us endow the Peyton Nalle Rhodes Phi Beta Kappa Prize: Tracy Adkisson (ΦBK Rhodes College); Richard Scott Antaya; Geoff Bakewell(ΦBK Yale University); Barron Boyd (ΦBK Rhodes College); Milton Brown (ΦBK Birmingham-Southern College); Daniel Case (ΦBK Yale University); Sam Chafetz (ΦBK University of Michigan) and the ΦBK Association of the Mid-South; J. S. "Chris" Christie, Jr. (ΦBK Rhodes College); John Churchill (ΦBK Rhodes College); Larry Churchill (ΦBK Rhodes College); Harry Danziger (ΦBK University of Cincinnati); Michael Drompp (ΦBK Indiana University); Mary Goodloe (ΦBK Rhodes College); Teresa Beckham Gramm (ΦBK Agnes Scott College); Terry Hill(ΦBK University of Florida); Sara Hodges (ΦBK Rhodes College); Rachel Jabaily (ΦBK University of Wyoming); Amy Jasperson (Wellesley College); Sam Jordan (ΦBK Rhodes College); Ed Kaplan (ΦBK Yale University); Michael Lamb (ΦBK Rhodes College); Robert Llewellyn (ΦBK Davidson College); William Mankin (ΦBK Rhodes College); Carolyn McClurkan (ΦBK Rhodes College); Charles Moore (ΦBK Vanderbilt University); Stephanie Moussalli (ΦBK University of Oregon); William Murray (ΦBK Skidmore College); Charles F. Newman (ΦBK Yale University); Scott L. Newstok (ΦBK Grinnell College); John & Diane Newstrom; John Pharis (ΦBK Rhodes College); Melinda Phillips (ΦBK Rhodes College); James Rainer III (ΦBK University of Virginia); Ann Kendall Ray (ΦBK Florida State University); Ruthann Ray (ΦBK Rhodes College); Amy Risley (ΦBK University of Wisconsin-Madison); Susan Satterfield (ΦBK University of Alabama); Lila Saunders (ΦBK Rhodes College); Jennifer Sciubba (ΦBK Agnes Scott College); Lauren Sefton (ΦBK Rhodes College); Brian Shaffer (ΦBK Washington University); Nicki Soulé (ΦBK Rhodes College); Megan Starling (ΦBK Rhodes College); Gail Streete (ΦBK SUNY-Buffalo); Elizabeth Thomas (ΦBK Georgetown University); Brian Thompson & Kenneth Cameron (ΦBK Rhodes College); Stephen Wirls (ΦBK Kenyon College).