The Department of Theatre at Rhodes College does theatre.

We find it. We make it. We study it. We live it.

We regard theatre as a means of evaluating and expressing our humanity. In our theatrical lives, we ask and answer questions, confront dilemmas, and challenge preconceptions and assumptions.  In our study and research, we seek to understand how theatrical arts change people.  Through discipline, training, research, and practice, we examine ways of living effectively and honestly, anticipating graduates who will take their experience here into all imaginable professional disciplines and ways of life.

The Department of Theatre offers courses of instruction that develop an understanding of the theatrical arts as an integral part of the society in which they exist. The courses are grounded in the belief that the liberal arts curriculum should give the highest priorities to the teaching of principles and concepts, and that skills are valuable only if they are integrated components of a thorough understanding of those underlying principles and concepts.

A major in Theatre provides the basis for further study in graduate school, professional theatre training, or in the area of arts management.