Tuition and Fees

The cost for tuition and fees at Rhodes is among the lowest of the national liberal arts colleges (U.S. News & World Report). Still, we understand that financing a college education is a big task and we are here to help. We carefully consider every student's circumstances and do our best to help make it possible for every accepted student to attend.                                          

2018-2019 Fees


Residental Students              

Commuter Students


   $47, 580

$47, 580 




Room & Board (21 meals/week,
standard multiple occupancy)

    $11, 403



   $59, 293 

 $47, 890

The good news is that many of the "extras" at other colleges are included in your fees: 

  • Internet access, cable TV and telephones with individual voicemail
  • Free laundry facilities
  • State-of-the-art computer labs running Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
  • 1,000 pages of laser prints per year
  • Unlimited use of campus fitness facilities and swimming pool
  • Incidental first-aid and health supplies (band aids, aspirin, etc.) from the campus health center
  • Meal plans in 7-, 15- and 21-meal/week increments
  • Free parking

Students, both resident and commuter, should allow approximately $1,125 for books and supplies. You should also allow for transportation and personal expenses. In addition, evidence of health insurance is required in order to enroll at Rhodes.