Kinney Program

Volunteerism, service-learning, social activism, doing justice, servant leadership, urban ministry, civic engagement, community organizing, faith-based action/reflection, engaged learning, changing the world . . . ?

Yes, the Kinney Program is all of the above! 

Kinney is community service at Rhodes.
We work with about 100+ service programs and agencies in Memphis. Find out right now how to get started in community service by contacting our Kinney Coordinators in these areas of service:

Area Name Email Phone Number
Student Director Ozakh Ahmed ahmoj-17 (847) 962-5354
Student Director Alexis Moore mooak-17 (901) 653-9155
Advocates for Women  Lacey Jamerson jamlj-18 (501) 412-4865
  Annie Bober bobal-17 (203) 919-6900
Animal Services Emily Lichtenberger licek-17 (434) 964-6386
  Ben Crane crabw-19 (214) 437-8879
The Arts Imran Khan khais-17 (770) 853-8283
  Aylen Mercado merac-19 (901) 497-3861
Community Development Michael McCanless mccmj-17 (573) 620-6213
  Emily Crenshaw creer-17 (615) 613-1578
The Environment Reeta Bandyopadhyay banre-18 (615) 495-1194
  Deya Pajarillo pajao-18 (817) 948-7324
Healthcare & Wellness Spencer Beckman becjs-19 (615) 796-8200
  Amanda DellaGrotta delal-17 (401) 632-8274
  Myrna Sidarous sidmm-17 (703) 489-6599
Hunger & Homelessness Emily Faber fabek-19 (901) 270-9120
  Atticus Wolfe wolam-18 (208) 409-3130
Intercultural Perspectives Alisha Patel patah-17 (205) 218-7574
  Justice Franklin frajw-17 (901) 649-1816
Interfaith Zain Virk virzm-18 (901) 674-9763
  Hamid Shirwany shiha-19 (901) 647-3752
Mentoring & Education Emily Rose Mitchell miter-18 (901) 236-6076
  Rachel Myers myere-18 (314) 919-6537
  Giulia Russel rusge-19 (804) 366-2777
Queer Advocacy Molly Mulhern mulmm-18 (505) 451-7702
  Isabel Wittman witis-17 (732) 598-9606
Disability Advocates Katie Cynkar cynkw-19 (703) 999-1495
  Laura Hernandez herll-17 (773) 610-5409
  Natalie Hopkins hopnr-19 (619) 865-1272

The Laurence F. Kinney ProgramWe hope that all students who come to Rhodes will be part of the Kinney Program by serving in the Memphis community. Please contact the Kinney Student Directors or Coordinators to learn about service opportunities and how to get started.

The Kinney Program is the Rhodes campus-wide effort to engage all students in service and social action in Memphis and the broader community. More than token or simplistic volunteerism, the Kinney Program helps students understand our community neighbors, reach across cultural, racial and economic barriers, and seek lasting solutions for a more compassionate and just world.

Beginning with the inspiration of Bible professor Dr. Laurence F. Kinney in the 1950s, Rhodes community service programs have grown to include 83% of all graduating students. For almost 50 years, Rhodes students have discovered the profound impact of serving in the community, as they learn to live their passions for social change and caring for neighbors in need. 

In addition to special service events and one-time service plunges into Memphis, most students make an ongoing weekly commitment to service. With connections at about 100 service programs in Memphis, the Kinney Program recruits, supports and motivates students to match personal passions and interests with social needs in the community. Kinney also sponsors voters registration drives, educational events on social issues, service training and reflection opportunities, social activism and advocacy, and works with faculty to develop service-learning courses and community-based research projects.

While sustaining a wide variety of established service sites, the Kinney Program also supports students in developing new strategies and initiatives to address unmet needs in the community.