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Campus Safety
Ike Sloas, Director

Robert Seals, Assistant Director

5 Spann Place

Ext. 3333

Ext. 3880

Inclement Weather Line

Safety On Campus


We’ve developed a multi-layered approach to addressing safety on campus. While the Honor Code and our people are Rhodes’ greatest assets, the college has invested significantly in physical safety. This includes physical and technological tools such as:

  • Exterior fence surrounding the campus
  • Staffed gatehouses
  • 24/7 communications desk at the Campus Safety office
  • 160+ Internet-based security cameras
  • Electronic keys for residence hall access
  • Outdoor emergency warning system
  • Blue light campus safety phones

Rhodes Alert System

The college utilizes a mass communication system capable of emailing, texting, and calling all students, faculty and staff in an emergency. This system is used to communicate delays and closures due to inclement weather, as well as alerting the community to present or continuing threats that may be present.

Outdoor Warning System

In addition to the county-wide tornado siren, the College is equipped with an outdoor emergency warning system. This system is capable of emitting sirens and tones throughout the campus. Additionally it is capable of sending verbal messages with instructions.


Anyone apprehensive about walking across compus at night, needing assistance carrying something to their vehicle or requiring a ride may call Campus Safety for an escort.

Campus Website Alerts

Rhodes has created—a bulletin website that will remain in service even if the main website,, and/or the internal website, are offline. In the event of an emergency that causes an interruption of service all updates will be posted at

The bulletin site is also used to communicate topical news such as weather conditions that can delay or cancel classes.