Established at Rhodes in 1990, the Office of Multicultural Affairs fosters a campus-wide climate of respect. It advocates for the promotion of a culturally diverse and nondiscriminatory campus community, preparing students for pursuit of lifelong learning. The Office is open to assist all students regardless of race, gender, color, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin. However, the Office has a unique role with regard to enhancing the overall quality of life for students of color on campus by focusing on retention, programming, leadership development, diversity education, and assisting with recruitment.

The Office is available to the campus community as a resource for crisis intervention. It is also responsible for developing and implementing formal and informal programs and services to educate the entire campus community regarding issues of diversity. As an integral part of the mission of Rhodes, the Office strives to foster an environment conducive to teaching and learning, and supports and nurtures in its students, faculty, and staff, intellectual development and openness to a range of ideas and human possibilities.


  1. Provide a welcoming environment for students of color and orient them to the culture of the institution and assist with their adjustment to college life.
  2. Prepare all students to function effectively in an evolving, pluralistic and increasingly diverse society and promote the development of a climate in which diversity is respected, valued and appreciated by all members of the college community.
  3. Assess the needs of students of color, set priorities among those needs, and respond by insuring that all college services and programs are sufficiently diverse to meet the needs of a multicultural student body.
  4. Increase the retention of students of color at Rhodes by offering programs and services specifically designed to help students pursue and achieve their academic and career aspirations.
  5. Serve as a liaison between students of color and the administration, faculty, staff, and community to assist in dealing with issues of racial and ethnic diversity.