Terry Hill | Professor
Office: 110 Frazier Jelke W | Phone: (901) 843-3559 | Email: hill@rhodes.edu


Cell Biology, Microbiology, Biology of Fungi

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B.A., University of South Florida
M.S., Ph.D., University of Florida, Phi Beta Kappa
(Cell biology, microbiology, biology of fungi)


Biology 130 - BIOLOGY I
Biology 201 - MYCOLOGY
Biology 307 - CELL BIOLOGY
Selected Publications

Jackson-Hayes, L., T. W. Hill, D. M. Loprete, B. S. Gordon, C. J. Groover, L. R. Johnson, and S. A. Martin.   2010.  "GDP-mannose transporter paralogues play distinct roles in Aspergillus nidulans cell wall integrity."   Mycologia 102: 305-310.

Jackson-Hayes, L., T. W. Hill, D. M. Loprete, L. M. Fay, B. S. Gordon, S. A. Nkashama, R. K. Patel, and C. V. Sartain.  2008.  "Two GDP-mannose transporters contribute to hyphal form and cell wall integrity in Aspergillus nidulans."  Micrbiology 154:2037-2047.

Teepe, A. G., D. M. Loprete, Z. He, T. A. Hoggard, and T. W. Hill.  2007 "The protein kinase C orthologue PkcA plays a role in cell wall integrity and polarized growth in Asperigillus nidulans".  Fungal Genetics & Biology 44: 554-562.

Hill, T. W., D. M. Loprete, M. Momany, Y. Ha, L. M. Harsch, J. A. Livesay, A. Mirchandani, J. J. Murdock, M. J. Vaughan, and M. B. Watt. 2006. "Isolation of cell wall mutants in Aspergillus nidulans by screening for hypersensitivity to Calcofluor White". Mycologia 98: 400-410.

Momany, M., R. Lindsey, T. W. Hill, E. A. Richardson, C. A. Momany, M. Pedreira, G. M. Guest, J. F. Fisher, R. B. Hessler, and K. A. Roberts. 2004. "The Aspergillus fumigatus cell wall is organized in domains that are remodeled during polarity establishment". Microbiology 150: 3261-3268.

Hill, T. W., D. M. Loprete, J. A. Castagna, and S. O. Weems. 2003. "Efficient high-volume cleaning of Aspergillus nidulans cleistothecia using bare fingers". Fungal Genetics Newsletter 50:4-5.

Loprete, D. M. and T. W. Hill. 2002. "Isolation and characterization of an endo-(1,4)-b-glucanase secreted by Achlya ambisexualis". Mycologia 94:903-911.

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Money, N. P. and T. W. Hill. 1997. "Correlation between endoglucanase secretion and cell wall strength in Oomycete hyphae: Implications for growth and morphogenesis". Mycologia 89:777-785.

Hill, T. W. and M. P. Pott. 1997. "Regulation of extracellular proteases in Achlya ambisexualis". Canadian Journal of Botany 75:440-444.

Hill, T. W. 1996. "Electrophoretic characterization of endo-(1,4)-b-glucanases secreted during assimilative growth and antheridiol-induced branching in Achlya ambisexualis". Canadian Journal of Microbiology 42:557-561.