Rylan Testa

Assistant Professor of Psychology
(901) 843-3963

Dr. Rylan Jay Testa is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department and the Director of the Health Behavior and Disparities Lab. Dr. Testa is a clinical psychologist whose research focuses on understanding and preventing self-destructive health-related behaviors, such as suicide, eating disorders, sexual risk-taking, and substance abuse. Dr. Testa is particularly committed to addressing these issues in marginalized and underserved populations.  Several of his publications have focused on delineating the relationship between gender minority stress and suicidality among transgender and gender non-conforming people. For his work in this area, he has received the American Psychological Association Division 44’s Transgender Research Award. Dr. Testa’s research is grounded in the understanding that psycho-social factors are crucial to improving health outcomes. He aims to develop interventions that address these factors through innovative means, including technology-based, primary-care based, and community-based interventions.

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Pflum, S. R., Testa, R. J., Balsam, K. F., Goldblum, P. B., & Bongar, B. (2015). Social support, trans community connectedness, and mental health symptoms among transgender and gender nonconforming adults. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 2(3), 281. 

Testa, R. J. & Brown, R. (2015). Self-Regulatory Theory and Long-Term Weight Loss MaintenanceJournal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 22(1), 54-63.

Testa, R. J., Habarth, J., Peta, J., & Balsam, K., & Bockting, W. (2015). Development of the Gender Minority Stress and Resilience Measure. Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity, 2(1), 65-77.

Testa, R. J., Jimenez, C. L., & Rankin, S. (2014). Risk and resilience during transgender identity development: The effects of awareness of and engagement with other transgender people on affect. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 18(1), 34-56.

Testa, R. J., Sciacca, L. M., Wang, F., Hendricks, M., Goldblum, P., Bradford, J., & Bongar, B. (2012). The effects of violence on transgender people. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 452-459.

Goldblum, P., Testa, R. J., Pflum, S., Hendricks, M., Bradford, J., & Bongar, B. (2012). In-school gender-based victimization and suicide attempts among transgender people. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 468-475.

Hendricks, M. & Testa, R. J. (2012). Model for understanding risk and resiliency in transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 43(5), 460-467.

Testa, C. R. & Steinberg, L. (2010). Adolescent depression and health-related risk taking. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviors, 40(3), 298-305.

Books and Book Chapters
Testa, R. J., Coolhardt, D., Peta, J. (2015). Gender Quest Workbook: Helping Youth Explore Gender. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications.

Testa, R. J., & Hendricks, M. (2014). Suicide risk among transgender and gender nonconforming youth. In P. B. Goldblum, D. L. Espelage, J. Chu, & B. Bongar (Eds.), The Challenge of Youth Bullying and Suicide. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.



Ph.D. Temple University
M.A. Temple University
B.A. Tufts University