Lauren Sefton

Lauren Blalock Sefton

Senior Associate Director of Admission

Lauren Sefton is originally from New Jersey and she graduated from Rhodes in 2003. As a student at Rhodes, Lauren did an interdisciplinary degree and double minored. Now, the skills she learned from International Studies and Political Science (her major), as well as Business Administration and German (her minors), continue to serve her well at Rhodes. Since graduating, she has worked in the Office of Admission as the counselor who travels the Northeast and North Carolina, along with working with a select population of our international students. Lauren also serves as Immediate Past President and Board member for the Southern Association of College Admission Counseling and is a member of both the National and the International Associations of College Admission Counseling. In off hours, “I enjoy reading fiction novels, traveling, and taking walks by the Mississippi River. I love to travel anywhere and everywhere!” In fact, Lauren has visited over 50 countries, having most recently visited Greece and Latin America. She is particularly excited to be able to spend more time in the Northeast and she invites you to share with her your favorite restaurant recommendations.

Memphis has become home for Lauren. “I love downtown Memphis: walking down Beale Street, sitting in the lawn seats at the Redbirds stadium, taking the trolley down to South Main to visit the art galleries, and eating out at downtown restaurants,” she says. Asked what brought her to the “Capital of the Delta,” Lauren replies, “Rhodes College, of course!”

Phi Beta Kappa