Evelyn Perry


Molecular Biology, Virology, Immunology

Dr. Lindquester studies the role of a protein known as interleukin 10 (IL-10) that is produced by the human pathogen, Epstein Barr virus (EBV). He and his students generated a recombinant murine gammaherpesvirus containing the EBV IL-10 gene to study its effects on infection, latency, and pathogenesis in a mouse animal model.  They found that expression of this gene increases acute pathogenesis of the virus as measured by enhanced enlargement of the spleen and increased virus production; however, it does not affect the establishment of latency or reactivation. The specific mechanism by which expression of the viral IL-10 gene enhances acute pathogenesis remains to be determined.


Refereed Papers

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*Rhodes student co-author



B.S. in Biology, 1981, Furman University, Greenville, SC
M.S. in Biology, 1985, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Ph.D. in Biology, 1986, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
(Molecular biology, virology, immunology)