David Kabelik

David Kabelik

Associate Professor of Biology, Chair of Neuroscience


Physiology, Neuroscience, Animal Behavior

Dr. Kabelik′s research examines the neural circuits that regulate social and conversely aggressive behaviors, and how steroid hormones modulate these circuits and behaviors. He conducts this work in Brown and Green Anole (Anolis) model systems. Dr. Kabelik is excited about integrating students into this research, and about his Physiology and Neuroscience courses.

Professor Kabelik′s lab 


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Kabelik D., Alix V.C., Burford E.R., Singh L.J. (2013) Aggression- and sex-induced neural activity across vasotocin populations in the brown anole. Hormones and Behavior 63: 437-446.


H.B.Sc., 1999, University of Toronto (Behavior)
Ph.D., 2006, Arizona State University (Physiology, Neuroscience)
Postdoctoral Training: University of California at San Diego, Indiana University