Clara Pascual-Argente

Clara Pascual-Argente

Associate Professor - Head of Spanish Section, L. Palmer Brown Chair in Interdisciplinary Humanities

Professor Pascual-Argente’s research focuses on medieval Iberian literature in a comparative context, paying special attention to the dialogue between works produced in the kingdom of Castile (part of present-day Spain) and their Iberian, Northern European, and Mediterranean counterparts. Her main area of interest is the reception, transformation, and political significance of classical culture and narratives during the Iberian Middle Ages. Prof. Pascual-Argente was the Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame’s Medieval Institute and is the current L. Palmer Brown Chair in Interdisciplinary Humanities at Rhodes.



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Ph.D., Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies, Georgetown University
M.A., Romance Philology, Universidad de Salamanca
B.A., Hispanic Philology, Universidad de Salamanca
B.A., Literary Theory and Comparative Literature, Universidad de Valladolid