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Aixa Marchand

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Educational Studies

Aixa Marchand joins the Departments of Psychology and Educational Studies as an assistant professor. Dr. Marchand graduated with a Ph.D. in education and psychology and a certificate in African American Studies from the University of Michigan in 2019. Her main research focuses on the attributions that Black parents make about educational inequities and how these attributions may relate to their school engagement. Other related research inquiries include a) illuminating how students and parents of color critically analyze school structures; b) elucidating how familial processes, such as familism and parent racial socialization, impact adolescents’ academic outcomes and socioemotional wellbeing; and c) the use and development of rigorous methodological tools to address societal inequities.

Dr. Marchand's CV

Advocating for Educational Equity Through Mixed Methods (AEEMM) Lab

Selected Publications

Leath, S., Marchand, A.D., Harrison, A., Halawah, A., Davis, C. & Rowley, S., (2020). A qualitative exploration of Black mothers’ gendered constructions of their children and their parental involvement. Journal of Early Childhood Research. doi: 10.1016/j.ecresq.2020.03.007

Diemer, M. A., Marchand, A. D., & Mistry, R. (2019). Charting how wealth shapes educational pathways from childhood to early adulthood: A developmental process model. Journal of Youth and Adolescence. doi: 10.1007/s10964-019-01162-4

Marchand, A. D., Vassar, R., Diemer, M. A., & Rowley, S. J. (2019). Integrating race, racism, and critical consciousness in Black parents’ engagement with schools. Journal of Family Theory & Review,11(3), 1-18. doi:10.1111/jftr.12344

Bañales, J., Marchand, A. D., Anyiwo, N., Rowley, S. J., & Kurtz-Costes, B. (2019). Black adolescents’ critical reflection development: Parents’ racial socialization and attributions about race achievement gaps. Journal for Research on Adolescence. doi: 10.1111/jora.12485


Ph.D. University of Michigan
M.S. University of Michigan
M.S.Ed. University of Miami
B.A. University of Miami