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Beyond the Classroom

When you walk into a classroom at Rhodes, you don't become just another student in a sea of faces and backpacks. At the heart of the Rhodes education is the mentorship relationship between faculty and students. 

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Rhodes College Dr. Shana Stoddard is intentional about bringing out the best in her students. Like many at Rhodes, she often engages in important research with undergraduates.

"In my lab, my students get to work directly with me and they then become the individuals who are analyzing and producing new scientific information," says Dr. Stoddard. 

"It really speaks to the transformative nature of the mentoring relationship students can have here at Rhodes."

A majority of Stoddard’s research at Rhodes is focused on improving patient outcomes with autoimmune disorders, in particular idiopathic membranous nephritis. Her Molecular Immunotherapeutics Research lab is made up of a diverse group of students using a combination of computational chemistry, biochemistry, and cell-based assays.