Minor Requirements



Requirements for a Minor in Asian Studies

A total of twenty (20) credits as follows:

  1. Asian Studies 150: Themes in Asian Studies
  2. Four additional courses (200-level or above) chosen from at least two different departments. One of these courses may take the form of a directed inquiry if approved by the Asian Studies Committee.

Courses currently being offered which meet this requirement are:

  • History

    History 105 Modern East Asian Revolutions
  • History 281: East Asia in the Modern World
  • History 282: Traditional China
  • History 283: Modern China
  • History 288: Japan Since 1800
  • History 293: Ancient and Medieval India
  • History 294: Modern India
  • History 391: Gandhi
  • History 481: Cold War in East Asia
  • International Studies

    International Studies 261: Government and Politics of China
  • International Studies 262: China’s Foreign Policy
  • International Studies 431-432: Topics in International Studies (when topic centers on Asia)
  • Modern Languages and Literatures

    Chinese 205: Modern Chinese Literature in English Translation
  • Chinese 210: Chinese Literary Heritage
  • Chinese 214: Introduction to Chinese Culture
  • Chinese 215: Images of Women in Chinese Literature and Film
  • Chinese 220: Contemporary Chinese Cinema
  • Religious Studies

    Religious Studies 255: Living Religions in Today’s World (when topic centers on Asia)
  • Religious Studies 258: Topics in the History of Religions (when topic centers on Asia)
  • Theatre

    Theatre 270: Introduction to Asian Theatre
  • Theatre 360: Introduction to Theatre in India