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Archaeology Program
Dr. Susan Kus, Director
Clough 203
2000 North Parkway
Memphis, TN 38112-1690


Rhodes Archaeology Field School


ARCE 120: Field Research in Environmental Archaeology
(F7 and F11 Credits)


ARCE 450: Archaeology Field School (F11 Credit)

May 10 - May 30, 2015
4 CREDITS for F7 and/or F11
Room & Board + Class = $2300

Prof. Kimberly Kasper 

We will excavate Ante-bellum and prehistoric sites in West Tennessee.  These classes (ARCE 120 and ARCE 450) will provide a broad background for all students who are interested in environmental archaeology, history, the science of archaeology, Native American history, and 19th century African-American life.


Students will live at the Ames Plantation for 3 weeks, working during the day at the excavation site and in the field lab, and participating in lectures during the evening hours.  We will travel to regional sites on the weekends.  The Ames Plantation is approximately 50 miles from Rhodes College in Fayette County.  All students live in dorms at the field school during the course.

Ames Plantation Archaelogists

No previous experience is needed.  This is a field research class and excavation that requires students to live and work together while contributing to the success of a research project.

Enrollment is limited; students must apply for acceptance through the Project Director:

Dr. Kimberly Kasper
Clough 209