What does Rhodes grants staff do?

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Why does the Grants staff need the External Grant Approval Checklist three weeks before the deadline? It doesn’t take that long to submit a grant application!

Three weeks’ notice gives us time to fit your project into our schedule of ongoing work. We are a staff of two, responsible to about 180 full-time faculty members. We are also responsible to the college for institutional grants—those that fund interdisciplinary programs, capital and facilities projects, scholarships, student life and special programs. And we write and submit regular reports on the preceding. Three weeks allows adequate time for (1) a thorough review of the grant proposal and requirements, (2) addressing any potential issues, and (3) final administrative approval. It also allows time to work around holidays, illness, vacations or technical glitches. Informing and involving us early in your process is essential.

What are indirect costs?

Costs of doing business that cannot be discretely allocated to one project. For instance, we all use IT and telephone services and utilities, and it is impossible to calculate how much of their use is attributable to one grant-funded project. In contrast, direct costs are directly attributable to a project; direct costs are salaries of project personnel (or a portion thereof), fringe benefits, materials and supplies, equipment, travel, etc.

What is Rhodes’ indirect rate?

47% of all salaries and wages in the grant budget (including faculty, staff and student wages but not including fringe benefits). This rate applies to federal grant budgets and is negotiated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Who is the Authorized Organizational Representative at Rhodes for grant applications?

Lydia Spencer, 901-843-3107 

Who signs the contract when I receive a grant award?

Kyle Webb, the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.

What is Rhodes’ Employer ID Number?


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What is Rhodes’ Congressional district?

9th (TN-09)

What is Rhodes’ CAGE code?


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