Student Stories

When you come to campus, the number one thing we hope you come away with is a good sense of what student life is like at Rhodes. No one can speak to those experiences better, obviously, than our current students. Here we’ve compiled a number of short student stories that highlight so many of aspects of campus from research to specific majors to study abroad and more. Take a look around to find out about what interests you!

A young man wearing headphones in a recording studio.

Student Alex McTaggart '19 felt his impact through an internship with Just City, a nonprofit criminal justice reform organization.

A young man in a blue button-down talks to the camera.

Hear the many experiences of Cody Stockton, a history major, student athlete, and peer mentor for all four years, who also had the opportunity to study abroad between multiple internships.

A young woman stands in a lab and addresses the camera.

At Rhodes, students have the opportunity to both study their passions and get involved in those passions outside of the classroom. 

A young woman in braids leads a group of girls in a dance.

In addition to helping students explore their passions, Rhodes can help them discover organizations and connections where they can have an impact.

Two women in lab coats, protective eyewear, and gloves transfer liquid into a beaker.

Many Rhodes students participate in undergraduate research with our professors on campus. In doing so, students get more than just experiential learning; they also have a chance to be mentored by their professors.

A dark haired young woman presents her research poster.

Rhodes students have been privileged to complete some great research over the years. The Rhodes Symposium is a chance for students to present their findings to faculty, friends, and anyone in-between!

A young woman looks out from in front of a large stone tower.

Wonder how a Business and Math double major takes advantage of her liberal arts education? She creates a website chronicling the history of women in Memphis music.

A young woman leans against a work table while talking to her professor.

Small class sizes and the professors’ full-blown commitment to helping students grow transforms the teacher/student relationship into a master craftsman/apprentice relationship.

A young man smiles before a formal garden leading to a towering Indian edifice.

About 60%-70% of Rhodes students study abroad at least once during their four years in college. Zach Thornton ’19 took his interest in Pre-Health and parlayed it into an eight-week internship opportunity in India.

A young woman with a clipboard takes notes as African elephants mill about in front of her.

Rachel Myers ’19 studied the patterns of elephants, which she says was not only interesting, but helped build her résumé while also letting her explore the city of Memphis.

A young woman stands in reeds on a riverbank checking a water sample.

Students at Rhodes have the ability to design their own research projects should they so desire. Take Claire McGuire ’20, who wrote a grant proposal to study the effects human beings have had on the Wolf River, a local tributary of the Mississippi.

Students in a wind ensemble.

Math and music, though seemingly disparate academic entities, are fundamentally related fields. Dr. Evan Williams, assistant professor of music, helps students interact with that foundational concept.

A group of musicians look out onto the crowd.

A liberal arts education allows you to pursue whatever interests you academically. While you may be an English major, like Scott Hale ’20, you can also explore your passion for music through a number of avenues on campus.

A young woman in a canoe lowers a water sampling device down into a lake.

A Rhodes education is not just limited to the classroom. See how Bernadette Badamo ’21 used her summer to get outside and conduct research for her Environmental Science studies.

A young, dark haired man smiles into the camera with fall leaves in the background.

Rhodes’ Education majors find themselves in unique learning environments on and off campus. Ryan Rosenkrantz '19 explains.

Two young women discuss career opportunities.

Wonder how Rhodes prepares students for life after college? Our Career Services office does lots on that front, but in this video you’ll see the impact of its annual Career Fair.

A young woman holds up and reads a book to a group of children.

Some Rhodes students can combine their passion for service with an internship opportunity in the city. One such nonprofit that offers that is the Refugee Empowerment Program.

Three students in safety helmets pose for a photo with woods in the background.

Studying abroad is a significant opportunity for a lot of college students. That’s why we want to make studying abroad as accessible as possible for Rhodes students.

A young girl in a pink shirt excitedly peels a crawfish.

What could be better than some fresh-cooked Cajun food and some college football on a Saturday in the fall? CajunFest is one of our most delicious traditions!

A student on her hands and knees excavates relics from a dig.

With our archaeology minor, students help uncover artifacts that shed light on what life was like for southern African American slaves.

A woman in safety glasses inspects a pair of containers in her gloved hands.

The chemistry department at Rhodes College is committed to creating a welcoming environment that promotes tailored training for each student. 

Students on the the astronomy deck gathered around a telescope.

Associate physics professor Dr. David Rupke shares the excitement and support surrounding research in the physics department at Rhodes.

Two students flank a doctor as they walk through a hospital breezeway

Our health professions advisors work with students across all majors to explore available options and help them pursue the programs they are interested in doing.

A student researcher stands in front of a nurses station in a childrens hospital.

Pooja Dave '19 and former Le Bonheur president Meri Armor on the impactful experience of an undergraduate research partnership with Rhodes College.

A young woman in a leather jacket walks in front of a row of restaurants.

Hear why students love that Rhodes Colleges is situated in the heart of Midtown Memphis. 

A young woman studies on a comfortable looking red couch in the library.

By studying history at Rhodes, students learn how to be intellectually engaged through their writing, communication, research, and critical thinking. 

Two young women take to the red carpet at a film festival.

Two Rhodes students produced a documentary that was featured at the Indie Memphis Film Festival. 

A young woman stands before the BLDG

Service learning affords students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, alongside the organizations making a difference in Memphis.