Fellowships take scholarships a step further by providing students with the chance to participate in important study, research, creative work and service with like-minded peers. Fellowships provide a way to put academics into action, build a student′s resume and be part of a learning community. Fellowships require a specialized application process. Use the below links to access the current fellowships available (effective for 2015-16 incoming students only):

Day Scholarship: $35,000 per year in scholarship
Fine Arts Scholarship: Up to $12,500 per year
Bonner Scholarship: $12,500 per year in addition to any other Rhodes aid
Taylor Fellowship in Physics: Up to $15,000 per year in addition to any other Rhodes aid
Jewish Community Fellowship: $10,000 per year renewable for up to three years

Institutional fellowships, scholarships and grants may be used to pay Rhodes tuition, fees, room and board only (direct cost), unless otherwise specified, and are awarded on a full-academic year (two semesters), fall and spring semesters only. Please note, Rhodes fellowships may have to be reduced if a student receives awards from outside sources that in combination exceed direct costs.