Comments from Students in Pre-Mester 2020

a male professor in the chemistry lab with a student
Prof. Will Eckenhoff in the chemistry lab with Sarah Helland '21

“I had a wonderful experience in Pre-Mester. Especially considering the nature of this year, it was extremely helpful to have familiar faces before the official beginning of my first year. I felt like the pace of the class was stimulating, and I feel that I have retained that information leading into organic chemistry. Truly, it was a valuable experience for me.”

Cate Cunningham, Class of '24

“Pre-Mester is a great opportunity. Not only do you get a head start to college, but some of the anxieties of being a freshman are put at ease once you somewhat learn what is like to be a student at Rhodes. You are also given the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty, so it will be nice to know a friendly face once you begin a full course load in the fall. I also highly recommend every Pre-Mester student to attend the career workshops offered at the end of the program. These workshops are very enriching as they allow you to learn more about yourself and the skills you need to build upon to pursue a career.”

A'niya Lagarde, Class of '24