Summer Pre-Mester Program

This new program offers entering students a chance to get a head start at Rhodes under the close guidance of an outstanding faculty member.  Students select one of six courses to take for three weeks beginning at the end of July, during the period before Welcome Week and the start of the fall semester.  Rhodes Pre-Mester is . . . 

  • For First-Year Students – All courses are open only to entering students and have a maximum enrollment of 10.
  • Foundational – All courses fulfill one of the College’s Foundation requirements.
  • Intensive – Courses cover a semester’s worth of content in a concentrated three-week period.
  • Diverse – Courses range from computer programming to Icelandic sagas!
  • Safe – Small class sizes allow for appropriate distancing.
  • Community-centered – Students immediately become a part of the Rhodes community, through special academic and social programming.
  • Career-focused – A week-long career workshop follows the completion of the three-week course.

The Pre-Mester embodies the Rhodes Edge – it’s a program in which students can begin to become intellectually ready, leadership ready, and graduate school/career ready, all before the fall semester starts!

Dates and more information will be coming soon!