Health Insurance

Rhodes College requires all students to have accident, sickness and hospitalization insurance coverage.

Students may be covered under a family policy or a private carrier, and insurance coverage must continue as long as the student is enrolled. The Health Insurance Information Form you filled out before entering Rhodes needs to be current. Students may be treated for most ordinary illnesses at the Moore Moore Student Health Center on campus. In instances when specialists are needed or laboratory work is performed by AEL, your health insurance will be billed by them.

You should keep a copy of your insurance card with you.
You should also be familiar with your plan—you may want to ask your parents to make a list of what it covers. Some coverage requires the insured to call in order to receive pre-certification before seeing a nurse pracitioner or physician. Check with your private insurance provider to ensure that possible visits to our health center, Memphis area physicians, minor medical centers or emergency rooms will be covered under your plan.

Insurance Facts:

  • Most young adults can stay on their guardian′s insurance plan until the age of 26.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition and are uninsured, there is a Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. Please click the link in order to learn more about avaliable plans in your state:
  • If you are on a new insurance plan, insurance companies cannot charge a deductible or copays for recommended preventive services (flu shots, immunizations, etc.).
  • Most insurance companies cannot deny coverage to children under age 19 due to pre-existing conditions.

Student Health Insurance Information

In order to learn more insurance facts, please click the link:

Click here for more information about Student Health Services.