Information Session Video Series

Rhodes College seeks to provide students a rigorous, dynamic academic program that inspires students to be lifelong learners equipped to solve the world’s most pressing problems. The foundation of this mission is the Rhodes Edge: our commitment to provide a transformative experience that ensures students are intellectually ready to apply themselves to the challenge of solving complex problems, leadership ready to guide communities toward equitable, prosperous change, and career and grad school ready to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. 

We invite you to explore each of these commitments in our Info Session Video Series, where our counselors share in greater detail how Rhodes provides an unparalleled educational experience that encourages students to pursue academic excellence while learning to be agents of positive, inclusive change. Join us to discover more about what makes Rhodes the right fit for you. 

Learn more about the Rhodes Edge and our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience from Director of Admission, Megan Starling '02.
Join Assistant Director of Admission Allyson Rafferty '19 as she explores how Rhodes College uses diverse strategies to ensure students graduate intellectually ready to tackle society’s pressing challenges.
Here, Assistant Director of Admission Caleb Fowler '18 outlines the many ways Rhodes College prepares students to be leadership ready to dynamically transform their communities.
In this video, Assistant Director of Admission Tierra Perry discusses how Rhodes College supports students in becoming career and grad school ready to succeed on the next steps of their journey, and beyond.