Rhodes Summer Programs

On a Rhodes Summer Program, students can expect to be abroad or on a domestic off-campus program with their peers and faculty from Rhodes, taking Rhodes courses. Rhodes College financial aid is not available for these programs; however, there are scholarships for which students may apply. 

These are particularly challenging times, given the world situation. It is important to us that you understand what we do to enhance the safety of our students and staff. We survey information from a host of resources including government agencies, international organizations, and our own network of contacts. In the case of a crisis situation emerging in a location where Rhodes students are or will be taking part in College-sanctioned international activities, Rhodes will strive to make an informed and rational decision on continuing or cancelling the international program in question in consultation with all relevant parties according to a mutually agreed timeframe.

Summer Programs are usually announced each year near the end of September.

Be sure to review our Policy Pages for the academic and other policies that accompany these programs.