Spain Exchange

This is a bilateral exchange. The Universitas Nebrissensis is a private university dedicated to teaching and applied research in the area of the Social Sciences (Economics, Law, Communications, Business and Modern Languages). The university has its own Spanish Studies Center which focuses on teaching a combination of Spanish language and culture. The university is located in Madrid, home of major museums and monuments: El Prado, Picasso, Sorola, etc. Students may select the type of housing they wish, however homestays with Spanish families are encouraged. Students may study for either a semester or academic year. You may find additional information on the Universitas Nebrissensis website.

Regarding Student Visas

Exchange Students are responsible for obtaining their own visas. Countries′ immigration policies change periodically; the absolute best source of information is the Consulate of the country for which you′re attempting to obtain a visa.

A student visa is a document issued by a country granting an individual permission to enter a country with the express purpose of completing studies there at a recognized institution. The process of obtaining a visa to study in another country can take weeks or months, so it is important to begin the process as soon as possible after being accepted to the exchange. Without a visa, you may not be allowed to enter the foreign country, even upon arrival at their airport.