England Exchange

This is a bilateral exchange. The University of Kent has two campuses, both located within an hour of London, England. Kent's Medway campus is on the bank of the historic dockyards, parts of which have been converted into this modern and eclectic campus environment. Kent's larger campus, in the town of Canterbury, is about 20 minutes southeast of Medway, and follows the traditional layout of a large, urban university near London. The University of Kent is a favorite destination among international students for its cosmopolitan environment and exciting opportunities. More information may be found on the University of Kent's website.

Regarding Student Visas

Exchange Students are responsible for obtaining their own visas. Countries′ immigration policies change periodically; the absolute best source of information is the Consulate of the country for which you′re attempting to obtain a visa.

A student visa is a document issued by a country granting an individual permission to enter a country with the express purpose of completing studies there at a recognized institution. The process of obtaining a visa to study in another country can take weeks or months, so it is important to begin the process as soon as possible after being accepted to the exchange. Without a visa, you may not be allowed to enter the foreign country, even upon arrival at their airport