Studying Theatre at Rhodes College

The Things We Do

The department aims to help students explore and study theatre in depth and in variety.

Our curriculum strives to understand theatre, and expects earnest engagement of students.  We understand that theatre arises from a combination of creativity and discipline, from inspiration and study, and that this artistic milieu not only produces skills that transfer to all sorts of futures, but also shapes human beings who can shape the future.

At Rhodes, you will study the history of theatrical practice, and theories of performance that reach into a wide variety of performative circumstances, from naturalism on western stages, to rasa and classical Sanskrit aesthetics, to tragedy as a worldview, to medieval passion plays.  You will also study acting, directing, and design of costumes, lighting, and sets.

Our McCoy Theatre opens an environment in which this study finds practical and creative application, and offers additional, practical experience in building sets and costumes, stage management, marketing, and business.

The department organizes and sponsors guest artists and scholars throughout each academic year, who offer training, conduct workshops, develop performance pieces, and deliver lectures that expand the scope of studying theatre here.

And to make more opportunities to understand theatrical performance and to get advanced training in the art, the department will help you connect with theatres, hither and yon, actor-training programs, and other programs of study. The department even operates its own study abroad programs in India and Italy.

Speaking of Theatre...

“Theatre exists because people make an agreement to stop time to see a complete moment. We need to take a piece of the world, magnify it in performance, and examine its relation to our lives and our interesting worlds.”

Morgan McCrary ‘05

“What better tool to give a student of the world, a student who studies humanity as intensely as Rhodes students are asked to, than such easy access to the whole gamut of human expression?”
Jonathan Wigand ‘08

“Every instance of theatre is a confrontation with the existential question.”
Prof. David Mason

“One never sees bears putting on a play.”
Shannon King ‘09