Season 36

By Elizabeth Hersh
Directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield

Welcome to 2126. The oceans are rising. The forests are dying. The weather is becoming more and more extreme. The planet’s oxygen supply can’t keep up with its growing population. But we, a globalized mega-society intricately connected by technological advancements, still have hope. We’ve pinned it to a small cadre of age explorers, techno-utopian scientist-CEOs fighting back death with the ancient dream of immortality. As the character Gianna says, “Fantasy is what keeps us alive.” But whose fantasies sculpt the world we all inherit?

The Unencumbered, Season 37

Directed by David Jilg

Inspired by Voltaire’s classic satire, this new vision is an exploration of rampant optimism, social media, parallel universes and genetic engineering in this “best of all possible worlds.” In his contemporary adaptation, Ravenhill creates a string of narratives in which his characters sleepwalk through a variety of dystopic landscapes.  

Candide, Season 36