Season 31

Music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book and lyrics by Greg Kotis
Directed by Scott Duff
Music direction by Kermit Medsker
Choreography by Jordan Nichols

After a decade-long drought causes a city to resort to drastic measures for conservation of water, its citizens must give up the luxury of private toilets. Public amenities are controlled by a multinational corporation, and punishment for defiance is banishment to the penal colony known as "Urinetown." This musical satire skewers contemporary city politics in the face of the spirit of the individual and the power of the people. However, it also addresses "necessary evil" and the very real possibility that no good deed goes unpunished.

Urinetown, Season 31

By Sophocles
Presented at Evergreen Theatre in cooperation with the Bluff City Tri-Art Theatre Company
Directed by Cookie Ewing

This classic tragedy, written around 442 B.C., is a poignant reminder of the fluid nature of justice during a time of war. Two brothers, fighting on opposing fronts, die in battle. The land′s newly crowned leader declares that the rebel brother will remain unburied in disgrace. When the dead soldier′s sister, Antigone, pleads for mercy in respect for the dead, she receives only a harsh warning in return. Hubris and humility clash, and the value of strong leadership is questioned in the absence of human compassion.

Antigone, Season 31

By Henry Murray
Directed by Kevin Collier

When a series of ecological and biological disasters decimate the world′s population, humanity is reduced to a fractured tribe of wandering nomads. A mountainside cabin in the Pacific Northwest is home to three teenage boys who try to survive by recreating domestic family life from what they can remember of their former existence. While on a mission to gather supplies, the boys find a stranger who forces them to question everything they had come to believe about their world and themselves.

Treefall, Season 31