Season 29

By Bernard Pomerance
Directed by Leigh Ann Evans

Does the physical appearnce of a person affect that individual′s humanity? When Dr. Frederick Treves visits a London side show out of medical curisosity, he has no idea it will lead him to seek out an answer to this queston. John Merrick′s deformity elicits a reaction of horror from those who encounter him for the first time, but Treves′ compassion for his patient sets Merrick′s life on a different course.​​

The Elephant Man, Season 29

By Craig Lucas
Directed by David Jilg

What if all you got for Christmas was a death threat? That′s exactly what happens to Rachel Fitsimmons one snowy December evening. Fleeing her home with nothing but her nightgown and slippers, she has no choice - she must disappear and reinvent herself from the beginning. Come along for the madcap ride as Rachel attempts to survive further holiday tragedies and more than a few psychiatrists.

Reckless, Season 29

By David Mason
Directed by Adam Houghton

Shakuntala is a beautiful maiden with mystical origins, She finds love among royalty, loses it, and finds it once again ... with unpredictable results. Adapted from Kalidasa′s Abhijnanasauntala, this version of the classic Hindu legend comes with a dash of Supremes and the Beach Boys, free with the price of admission.

Shakuntala Reductia, Season 29