Information for Current Students

2017-2018 Course Offerings

Neuroscience Majors, please note that we’re making a few exciting changes this year and next! As of this year, we’re increasing our list of potential breadth requirement courses by adding classes in Computer Science and Philosophy. You can now count Comp141 or Comp142 as a breadth course (only one of these two can count, but since some students jump right into the
second course in the series, we wanted to give you two options). The other course that we’re accepting as a breadth course this year is Phil 250: Philosophy of Neuroscience.

Also, if you haven’t yet heard the exciting news, as of 2018-2019, we’ll be retiring the Neur350 Research Methods course and replacing it with lab sections for all of our Biology and Psychology depth courses. This will include a new course in the specialty area of the hire we make to replace Dr. Gerecke. During 2017-2018, since our depth courses are not yet offered with labs, we are also accepting Chem 411 (offered in Spring 2018) in place of either a Biology or Psychology depth course, in case you want to get started on your depth courses with labs requirements. In future, we will still require you to take one Biology depth course with lab and one Psychology depth course with lab. We will also add a third category of required courses will include a choice among Chem 411 Medicinal/Computational Chemistry course, Philosophy of Neuroscience, or a new Philosophy of Cognition course. The Philosophy courses are planned to fulfil an F1 requirement. With the advent of this new course category, the number of required breadth courses will correspondingly decrease from three to two. Please contact me, David Kabelik, with any questions that you may have about these changes.

Rhodes/UT Neuroscience Research Fellowship