2018-2019 Student Profiles

An education student aids a young girl with a learning task
Portrait of Anne Elizabeth Garrad

Hometown: Jackson, TN

Undergraduate Field of Study: English

Endorsement Area: Secondary English

Notable accomplishments: Rhodes Summer Service Fellowship, Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, Editor-in-Chief of Lynx Yearbook

What fuels your passion for education?
Throughout undergrad, I kept finding myself in situations where I was teaching and mentoring kids, and I realized that there has been nothing more exciting or fulfilling than building relationships with my students. Seeing how much they grew academically and personally was incredible, and knowing I was helping them through those processes made me decide to pursue a career in education. I have a passion for learning and through teaching, I will hopefully be able to encourage that passion in my students while learning from them as well. 

Portrait of Olivia Glenn

Hometown: Clarksville, TN

Undergraduate Field of Study: Anthropology & Sociology with Psychology minor

Endorsement Area: Elementary Education

Notable Accomplishments: 2018 Francis and Edwina Hickman Award in Anthropology & Sociology Recipient, Vice President of Student Video Collective, Tri Iota, Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Societies

What fuels your passion for education? 
I did an internship in the summer of 2017, where I worked in an academic summer camp focused on helping rising third graders stay on grade level track and prepare for upcoming standardized testing. It was a challenge like none I had before, but that experience really provoked my interest in education equity because these kids didn’t have as much access to resources as their more affluent peers. I already knew I wanted to work in education as a school counselor, but that experience made me want to become a teacher and put in that work as part of my counseling journey. 

Portrait of Diana Azcarate Barreto

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Undergraduate Field of Study: Anthropology & Sociology

Endorsement Area: Secondary History

Notable Accomplishments: Bonner Scholar, Co-founder of the LatinX Student Association, Joseph Reeves Hyde Award in Religious Studies, SOS Mentor, Tri Iota Honor Society

What fuels your passion for education?
My favorite thing to do is to learn. My second favorite thing to do is share what I learn. I have also been very involved in the Memphis community as an undergraduate student at Rhodes. Education combines three of the things I loved about being in undergrad: learning and sharing knowledge in the Memphis community. I think education is the key to dismantle oppressive institutions. 

Portrait of Ashley Litoff

Hometown: Louisville, CO

Undergraduate Field of Study: Commerce and Business

Endorsement Area: Elementary Education

Notable Accomplishments: Rhodes Track and Cross Country Team, SAA Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Year, All American Status Cross Country, SAA Academic Honor Roll and All Conference First Team, Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

What fuels your passion for education?
I am from Colorado and was fortunate to have the opportunity of a great education from a young age. After moving to Memphis, I was able to see the differences in the educational system that vary from area to area and I realized how lucky I was. I want to be able to give students of every background an opportunity to have a good education.