Curb Institute Courses


In 2015, the Curb Institute launched a new course called “Music and Community in Memphis” (Urban Studies 262). This course was made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support faculty innovation and serves to fuse classroom learning with outside fellowship learning through the curriculum. The class, which is offered during the fall semester, also serves as an entry point for students wanting to learn more and be involved with the Curb Institute. In the fall of 2016, an upper level section of the “Music and Community in Memphis” class (Urban Studies 382) was created for upperclassmen to take on leadership roles in the Institute and serve as mentors for the younger students.

In the class, students worked together on a variety of Curb Institute projects including The Audubon Sessions, original research and writing, marketing and PR, audio and video recording, and community engagement.

The course has no prerequisite requirements but is available only with permission of the instructor. Please email Dr. John Bass for more information.

Other classes connected with the Curb Institute:

  • Music and Healing (Includes Music-centered Community Outreach) 
  • Directed Inquiries (Songwriting, Independent Research Topics) 
  • Music Technology (Helps with Audio Production)