Cancellation and Refund Policy

In the event of cancellation of an entire session of a Rhodes summer program before commencement of the program, all monies paid to Rhodes prior to that time will be refunded. Should an unavoidable event such as epidemic, civil unrest, or threat of terrorist activity result in a partial cancellation, a prorated refund of all fees, together with an appropriate evaluation of academic credit, will follow. These actions will terminate any further liability on the part of Rhodes.

In the event that a student chooses to withdraw from the program after being accepted, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the program. Refunds will be considered only in cases of serious illness or emergency and the amounts of refunds will be determined individually on the basis of recoverable costs by Rhodes at the time of the withdrawal. 

Regarding Need-Based Scholarships For Rhodes Summer Programs

Students with a current FAFSA on file and at least a 2.75 GPA will be considered for a need-based scholarship. Students applying for a Rhodes Summer Program/Maymester may withdraw their application without penalty by February 14th, if they do not receive a scholarship.* Following February 14, Rhodes′ "Program Fees and Billing" Policy and Rhodes′ "Cancellation and Refund" Policy will apply. Any scholarship offered is contingent upon acceptance to and participation in a Rhodes program or an Affilated Program. 

*Students who do not have a FAFSA on file and/or do not have demonstrated need as determined by the Financial Aid Office are excluded from the above. If they choose to withdraw their application after acceptance to the program, the "Program Fees and Billing" Policy and the "Cancellation and Refund" Policy will apply.