St. Jude Summer Plus: International Project Descriptions

Clinical Pharmacology with Dr. Jorge Morales

Dr. Morales is the senior clinical pharmacist and a member of the hematology, oncology, and transplant program. The Rhodes student attends daily medical rounds, identifies the most complex patients and assists in developing clinical profiles according to specific patient needs. He or she is also exposed to activities in the pharmacy laboratory, mainly in regards to monitoring drug serum levels for chemotherapeutic agents, antibiotics, antifungals, and immunosuppressive agents. He or she is exposed to drug levels procedures and how their clinical use. Students are welcome to attend Grand Rounds, seminars, and workshops. In addition, if Dr. Morales is working on a given project, the student may assist in data collection.

Molecular Biology in a Clinical Setting with Dr. Mauricio Farfan

The student will be exposed to the basics of molecular biology and the application in a clinical setting. He or she will learn and perform common biological techniques used in the molecular diagnosis of infections in immunocompromised children. These techniques include DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (conventional and real-time), and gel electrophoresis. The student will also learn about the different viruses studied in the lab, and how they are detected. In addition, students are welcome to attend Grand Rounds, seminars, and workshops, and may have the opportunity to shadow during medical rounds.