For Prospective Students and Families

Regarding pre-health preparation and advising at Rhodes:

  • We offer a very strong broad academic program, strong sciences, a wide range of advising and preparation programming, and the advantage of being in Memphis with our many health care community partners.
  • Rhodes doesn’t have specific pre-health majors or pre-health tracks.  Instead any major can lead to preparation for medical schools and most other health profession programs. 
  • All prerequisite course work for medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, podiatric medicine, optometry, and chiropractic can be taken at Rhodes. 
  • All required course work for some of the best nursing, physician’s assistant, and physical therapy programs can be taken at Rhodes. 
  • Other programs in these fields require additional prerequisite course work as do all programs of occupational therapy, audiology, speech pathology, nutrition, and kinesiology.  However, many students prepare for these careers at Rhodes, taking the additional course work required at another institution.
  • Our liberal arts program allows for the development of skills and attributes that medical schools and most other health profession schools desire in their applicants.
  • We meet all students interested in health careers, including veterinary medicine, the first week of classes and work with them throughout their years at Rhodes.  The HPA team is available for appointments and email and telephone consultations throughout the year.

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