The similar mathematical forms of Coulomb’s Law of Electrostatics and Newton’s Law of Gravitation suggest that two oppositely charged spheres should be able to move in a binary orbit about their center of mass using only the electric force as the force of attraction. To test this idea, we will attempt to achieve a binary orbit between oppositely charged graphite coated Styrofoam spheres.  The spheres will have a mass of 5 grams and a radius of 1.5 cm.  They will be charged to a surface voltage of 20 kV (one positively and one negatively) using a precisely controlled, current-limited, bipolar power supply. Initially the spheres will be separated by a center to center distance of 20 cm.  Once charged, the spheres will be launched in opposite directions (perpendicular to the line adjoining them).  A successful orbital attempt will result in the two spheres orbiting one another about their center of mass.  The microgravity environment will minimize the effects of frictional and gravitational forces, allowing the orbit to be purely electrostatic in nature.