Creative Activity


CODA (Center for Outreach and Development in the Arts): CODA promotes leadership to expand the impact of the arts in the lives of members of the Rhodes community, Memphis, and beyond through innovative thinking.

The McCoy Theatre History Project: Lee Bryant (’11, Theatre/Environmental Studies double major) participated in last summer’s Rhodes Institute for Regional Studies.  Her project, “40 years, 3 stages, 1 community: A Brief Look at the History of Circuit Playhouse, Inc.” (Ctrl+Click to follow link) celebrated the fortieth anniversary of this organization.  It involved filmed interviews with four influential members of the theatre community in Memphis, research from Circuit’s archives, and source material found in the Memphis/Shelby County Room at the Central Library.  Lee’s RIRS activities suggested that a similar project in celebration of the McCoy’s thirtieth season (2010-2011) would be an appropriate student undertaking.  This proposal is for funding to allow Lee to participate with my three Rhodes Institute students and myself this summer (2010) in the McCoy History Project endeavors of preservation, student and faculty research, and the creative activity of producing a documentary celebrating 30 years of theatre at the McCoy on the Rhodes campus. Specific Fellowship activities to include (but not limited to – see Reflective Activities):

  • Collaborating in student research/selection of visual materials (archival photographs, interview transcripts/video clips) to include in documentary
  • Collaborating on development of continuity of documentary 
  • Collaborating on design of presentation 
  • Supervising documentary production and editing

From Script to Screen: This fellowship has been collaboratively designed by Rashna Richards (Assistant Professor of English and Director of Film Studies) and Chad Chidester (Senior, English-Film Studies bridge major). For his senior project, Chad is working on an original screenplay (in addition to a critical essay and a presentation). This fellowship will enable him to film that screenplay, tentatively titled "The Gauntlet." In the process, he will learn how to use the cinematic medium creatively and effectively to tell stories, how to put his considerable technical and conceptual knowledge into practice, and how to think about issues pertaining to media ethics. The first six weeks will be focused on acquiring a practical understanding of issues related to filmmaking. The next four weeks will be spent on scouting locations, auditioning and hiring actors, hiring the film crew, and so on. Shooting will take place during weeks eleven and twelve; although the majority of the shooting will be done over a three-day period, this time will be spent mostly on location. The next four weeks will be spent on post-production, mainly editing. The final product will be a 20-30 minute narrative film.